Monday, 15 July 2013

More from the Conspiracy Files

I had the utmost pleasure of viewing UFO's: The Secret Evidence one evening a year or so ago, devoting to it two hours of my unwavering attention. I learnt that the Third Reich may have been creating an anti-gravity device, and that hovercraft are among us.

I also learnt the value of misinformation in that I lost three hours debunking all the myths and rubbish portrayed in this programme. Perhaps, most importantly, I learnt the lesson of using one's time productively by avoiding nonsense programmes.

One might also add, that like with the case of the Great Global Warming Swindle, also on Channel 4, that one always ends up appealling to authority and reputation when negotiating scientific facts in domains where one is not an expert.

Channel 4 has no such mission of informing society, unless you include misinforming.
VoilĂ  the soures I used that evening.

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